Pengembangan soft skills: Grooming for Jobs

Many of us object to being judged for employment based on how we look. We prefer to be hired because of our skills and abilities, not because of our dress and grooming. BUT like it or not, appearance is important.

Interviews still follow the conservative standard. Employers hire people they believe will “fit” into their organization. Skills, experience, and qualifications are important, but so are dress and grooming. Your appearance expresses motivation and professionalism.

First Impressions

Studies reveal that employers consistently ask the question, “Does the individual look right for the job?”

Some basic guidelines to follow are:

Be clean and neat, including your fingernails, teeth, shoes, hair and face
Conservative two-piece business suit in a basic color
Empty pockets-no bulges or tinkling coins/keys, etc.
No gum, candy or cigarettes
Light briefcase or portfolio case
No visible body piercing (noise, eyebrow, tongue, etc.) -wear minimum jewelry and cologne
Arrive ten minutes early and arrive alone
Smile; be friendly
Demonstrate a positive attitude
Use good eye contact
Shake hands firmly
Use good manners
Don’t interrupt and don’t argue!
Don’t chew gum
Take resumes and/or other pertinent information


The clothes you wear affect all your attitude and confidence levels. When people take the time to dress for success, they tend to feel good about themselves. Image alone will not win the job offer, but it will go along way in building respect.

A conservative suit would be the recommended style for professional and managerial positions.

Common sense and good taste are the best guides in selecting clothing for the interview. Avoid faddish styles and loud colors. Jewelry should be conservative and kept to a minimum. Clothing should fit comfortably. You want the employer to focus on your skills, not on your clothes.


Personal grooming is just as important as what you wear. You may select the right clothes, but neglecting personal hygiene can ruin the image you wish to present. Review the following grooming checklist before meeting with the employer.
Hair Clean, trimmed, and neatly combed or arranged.
Facial Hair (men) Freshly shaved; mustache or beard neatly groomed.
Fingernails Neat, clean, and trimmed.
Teeth Brushed and fresh breath
Breath Beware of foods which may leave breath odor. Beware of tobacco, alcohol, and coffee odor. Use a breath mint if needed.
Body Freshly bathed/showered; use deodorant. Remove body piercings, tongue rings, and cover tattoos if possible.
Make-up (Women) Use sparingly and be natural looking.
Perfumes/ Colognes/ After Shave Use sparingly or none at all. Your “scent” should not linger after you leave.

Below are the photos of Softskill Development in cooperation with Wardah on Monday 13 Mei 2013 conducted specially for female students batch 2010 to help them preparing to enter the real working world.

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